High Quality Stock Wildflower Photographs

The following photographs are available for purchase as limited-edition art prints from Prem, as well as digital ready-for-publication photographs. Each art print is hand-signed and numbered (only 50 of each print will be made) and is available pre-matted for $35 plus shipping and handling (NOTE: the copyright tag only appears on the photos on this website...fine art prints are free of any labeling whatsoever) or $25 without the matte. Please contact Prem to purchase fine art prints of these photos. The digital photographs are typically 2272 x 1704 pixels, easily suitable for ultra-sharp printing up to 8 x 10.

Licensed usage for non-profit groups (orchid societies, etc.) for print publication images is typically $10 per image. This fee may be waived, depending on the purpose, on a case-by-case basis.

For commercial publication rates (web or print, including E-Bay auctions), please contact Prem directly.

Orchid or wildflower societies wishing to use any of these web-resolution images for educational purposes on their websites or in digital newsletters should contact me for permission (which I will usually grant, free of charge). Click on a thumbnail for a larger image.

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Florida Wildflower Photographs

Polygala luteola
(orange milkwort, orange bachelor's buttons)

Iris tridentata
(blue flag iris, savannah iris)

Lilium catesbaei
(pine-lily, Catesby's lily)

Hymenocallis choctawensis
(FL panhandle spiderlily)

Commelina erecta (whitemouth dayflower)

Commelina erecta
(whitemouth dayflower)

Monotropa uniflora
(indian pipes)

Rhododendron chapmanii
(Chapman's rhododendron)

Rhododendron chapmanii
(Chapman's rhododendron)

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