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First Rays Orchids - Logo

First Rays logo graphic

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Ray Barkalow of First Rays Orchids commissioned Prem to do a redesign of his website logo.  Since the name of his company derives from the first rays of the sunrise, a digital sunrise was designed entirely in LightWave 3d over which a pre-supplied image of blooming Encyclia bractescens orchids was composited.  To design the digital elements, a set of very high-polygon-count hills was modeled to give the sense of a sea of trees on a jungle valley floor.  These were then given a fractal clip map to create a sense of wild randomness.  Over the hills an additional layer of hypervoxels was composited to give a sense of mists rising from the tropical vegetation early in the morning.  Over this layer, a pair of branches and a few digital epiphytic orchids were composited.  Finally, the Encyclia flowers were touched up (to remove focal blur) and composited over the 3d digital scene. 

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