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Tallahassee Orchid Society - 2002 Show Poster

Click on this graphic for a hi-rez view of the TOS poster (200K download)

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Click The Graphic Above to see a Hi-rez version of the poster (200K download)

Designed for the 2002 Tallahassee Orchid Show, themed "Star Spangled Orchids".  The graphic for this poster was designed in a variety of software packages.  First, numerous images of red, white, and blue orchids were masked out of photographs and converted into a series of image hoses.  These were then sprayed onto a texture map of the American flag.  This map was then applied to a deformed mesh in LightWave 3d and rendered as a background element.  A number of orchid flower photographs (including a 3d digital rendering of an Angraecum orchid) were digitally repainted in Fractal Design Painter as digital watercolors and then composited together with the flag into the final graphic.  3d rendered text with the flag graphic as a texture was also composited into the poster graphic.  Final text layout for the poster was done in CorelDRAW.  This poster was very well received by members of the society and the general public.

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