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Rate Sheet
  • Our basic rate for animation, graphic, and web design work is $55/hr.
  • Programming/sofware development services are $55/hr.
  • Pre-production work (research, digital photography, storyboards, etc.) is $45/hr.
  • Post-production/editing work (for video/animation projects) is $45/hr.
  • Web site monthly maintenance/upkeep is $45/hr., negotiable to a lower rate on a case-by-case basis for longer-term maintenance contract arrangements.
  • Site hosting will be billed at cost, depending on the hosting service chosen by the client, but it can be as low as $11/year for a domain name and $50/year for hosting (plus a one-time set-up fee of $25).
Prior to beginning work on any assigment, the client will be provided with a detailed quote of the estimated hours and cost to complete the job.  This quote will be firmly adhered to, despite possible time overruns on our part, provided that the specifications of the job do not change.  However, changes to specifications made by the client after the fact will be billed additionally at the normal hourly rate. 

Web-based graphics would naturally be delivered via the web.  Animations can be delivered in a variety of formats, from sequential frames or uncompressed .mov or .avi files on CD to beta tape masters. 

Payment is typically done half up-front and half upon completion of the project, for short-term projects.  Longer-term projects and other payment arrangements would need to be discussed in advance.

Contact Prem at prem@premdesign.com or 407-682-5688 to discuss your animation, design, or development needs.

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