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Florida Takes to the Trails: Open Animation

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As a reprise to "Florida:The Outdoor Adventure", Seidler Production Group (which I contract animation for) has begun work on the series "Florida Takes to the Trails".  This animated open for the program is quite ambitious, starting with a satellite view of Florida and zooming in over the state.  As the camera flies over, five super-emphasized environments dot the virtual landscape.  As each digitally-generated environment comes into view, animated icons spring out of them and move across the scene, emphasizing a particular outdoor activity that can be done in Florida (horseriding, biking, hiking, canoeing, and wildlife observation).  Five different variants of this animation have been contracted, each one ending in the particular environment/icon that is relevant for that show.

This animation involved a lot of digital photography of tree, leaf, and environmental textures.  All the trees were then digitally modeled in 3d and added to their environments.  With over a million polygons in the collective environments, this is the most extensive animation that I've done to date.

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