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FL Native Orchid Animation: Encyclia tampensis

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Originally designed as an animation for the Emmy-winning series Florida: the Outdoor Adventure, this animation, unfortunately, fell victim to the cutting room floor due to time constraints.  This was a particular shame, as this animation represented a large amount of effort.  The models for the orchid flower and the butterfly were re-created in 3d from live models of the flower and photographs, respectively.  In LightWave 3d, expressions systems (designed using my plug-in Relativity) were used to drive the flapping of the butterfly wings and to give the flower stem a realistic motion as if the butterfly were really landing on it.  Copious use of photographed tree and leaf textures help lend realism to the piece, along with a custom-modified (by me) depth-of-field plug-in to do the rack-focus effects.  All-in-all, I consider this to be one of my finest animations.

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