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Joe Budd Aquatic Education Center: Open

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This animated open was done for the Joe Budd Aquatic Education Center...a program local to the Tallahassee area that teaches children fishing, boating, wildlife observation, and hiking.  Seidler Production Group produced a video promoting this valuable resource for the youth of Tallahassee.  This animated open was used for the video. 

The water in this shot is 100% digital (no actual water molecules were harmed during the production of this animation), as are the boat, rod&reel, and hook.  The treeline was a composite made from several photographs of the actual trees surrounding the pond at the center.  During the course of the animation, the rod, reel, and hook are accidentally thrown into the frame by a child still "learning the ropes".  These are then motion-blur-frozen using my plug-in, Relativity.  The camera then tracks around the scene, whereupon the frozen rod, reel, and hook fade into the Joe Budd logo.

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