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Florida Park Service: State Parks PSA Tag

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This animated tag appears on PSAs aired throughout Florida promoting Florida's state parks.

The animation starts with a satellite view of Florida and the southeastern US.  Very quickly, the rest of the southeast dissolves away, leaving just the state.  A swath of small lensflares representing all of Florida's state park locations are then wiped (using my plug-in, Surface Effectors) onto the state.  These lenslfares are given a semi-random flicker and are coordinated as a group using my expressions plug-in, Relativity.  Using a pair of morph targets for "crowd control", the positions of the flares are moved from their original positions to assume the shape of the Florida Park Service logo.  Simultaneously, a set of expressions also done in Relativity are used to ramp up the lensflares in unison and then dissolve them out.

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